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2023 1st Bon Air Maker Thon Winners Announced

2023년 10월 27일

Thank you for your interest in the 「2023 1st Bonair UAM Makerthon」 contest.

We are deeply grateful to the creators who submitted their works.

We would also like to thank Tangerine KOREA CEO Joo Young-eun and CIC Jamie for their efforts to ensure a fair review.


Before announcing the winners, we would like to inform you of the results of the competition through a review by Joo Young-eun, CEO of Tangerine KOREA.

"UAM's overall understanding was mostly similar, but the works that understood Bon Air's unique brand and applied it to the concept were minimal. We first distinguished between designers who reinterpreted the 'Bon Air' brand value in the contest materials and those who did not. Lounge “The concept, brand goods, and visual design were excellent and varied, showing some originality, but the UAM aircraft design was significantly lacking in understanding and originality, which left something to be desired.”

Based on these criteria, the results of the reviews of three judges (including Moviation CEO Shin Min)


Announcement of winners

🥇 INSPIRE Award (1 team)

Bang*Rim (2320)

🥈 Bronze Award (2 teams)

Jo*Jin (0344), Kim*Bin (2118)

🥉 SAMSUNG Consolation Prize (10 teams)

Kim * Gyeol (2857), Park * Young (6658), Yu * Won (3157), Kim * Hyeon (8428), Kim * Seo (7638), Kim * Seong (3599), Kang * Rok (0487), An *Taek (6745), Kim*Sak (2831), Kim*Kyung (1889)


Unfortunately, we were unable to select the winner of the VONAER Award, the first place, in this contest. In the next contest, we look forward to seeing many works that highlight the competitiveness and potential of the UAM industry as Moviation grows. Thank you once again to everyone who participated. You did a really good job.

Due to the postponement of the opening schedule of Inspire Entertainment Resort, which is the main sponsor and sponsored the rental of the awards ceremony, the awards ceremony is scheduled to be held at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, December 13th.




Wednesday, December 13, 2023 / 12:00 PM


Inspire Entertainment Resort (Yeongjongdo)


We will send detailed information to the winners by email next week.

thank you

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