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VON Private Membership Special Benefits Event Open

2023년 12월 19일

Bon Air’s special membership service

VON Private special benefit event is coming!

VON Private Membership is a helicopter charter service that allows customers to freely select their departure point and destination.

This is a new concept VIP mobility service that breaks away from road-oriented travel and enables more convenient and faster travel between city centers.

VON Private customers can travel from Gangnam, Seoul to Daejeon in about 30 minutes when on a business trip.

When traveling for skiing or golf, you can quickly travel to Yongpyeong, Gangwon-do in about 40 minutes .

If you purchase a membership during the event period, you will receive an additional credit of 10% of the recharge amount and a membership validity period of up to 3 years.

VON Carry and VON Connect services are provided free of charge.

To make a reservation for a consultation, go to the ‘Instagram profile’ ' You can apply for consultation through the link and Naver reservation.

When you visit for a consultation, you can experience the food and beverage service at the Gangnam VON Lounge and the VON Connect service, and a special Bon Air souvenir will also be provided.

Membership reservations can be made starting from Tuesday, December 19, through Bonair's official Instagram account as well as Naver Reservation and website.

An unprecedented event prepared by Bon Air!!

Please give us a lot of interest in this private membership special benefit event filled with special things.

Introducing a special membership service unique to VONAER, The VONPrivate Exclusive Benefits Event is here!

VONPrivate membership offers helicopter charter services, allowing customers to freely designate departure and

destination points. It's a new concept VIP mobility service that transcends traditional road-based travel,

enabling convenient and swift city-to-city movement.

VONPrivate customers can quickly travel, reaching Daejeon within 30 minutes for business trips or

from Seoul's Gangnam district to Yongpyong in Gangwon Province within approximately 40 minutes for ski or golf trips.

During the event period, purchasing a membership offers an additional 10% credit on the charged amount,

a membership validity period of up to 3 years, and complimentary services like VONCarry and VONConnect.

Consultation reservations can be made through the ' ' link on our

Instagram profile. During the consultation visit, experience the food and beverage services at the

Gangnam VONLounge and try out the VONConnect service. Special VONAER memorabilia will also be provided.

Memberships can be reserved starting from December 19th (Tuesday) through VONAER's official Instagram account, Naver reservations, and the VONAER website.

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event prepared by VONAER!!

We kindly ask for your interest in the VONPrivate Membership Special Benefits Event, filled with unparalleled uniqueness.

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