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[END] 2023 1st VONAER UAM Makerthon

2023년 4월 25일

The first contest hosted by VONAER has the theme of mobility revolution,
We look forward to the creative ideas of participants in the UAM design field.

In this contest, which creates new ideas and technologies among various design fields,
Unleash your passion and creativity!

*Inspire Special Package

2-bay suite accommodation + F&B voucher + 2 Arte Museum tickets

*Inspire Package

Standard room accommodation + F&B voucher _ 2 Arte Museum tickets

Things to keep in mind when submitting your work

1️⃣ Please be sure to submit a PPT with a description of your work as a PDF file.

2️⃣ Please check the entry specifications carefully before submitting your work.

3️⃣ Please compress the application form and works into a zip file and submit it.

Frequently Asked Questions

*If you have any further questions, please contact

Q1. What is UAM Makerathon?

This is a UAM design contest hosted by VONAER. The 1st Bonair UAM Makerthon in 2023 plans to host makerthons in more diverse fields, starting with the design field.

Q2. Who can participate?

Anyone interested in UAM and design can participate. Demonstrate your passion and creativity in this contest that creates new ideas and technologies among various design fields!

Q3. Is it possible to participate multiple times in different teams?

One person can only belong to one team, and duplicate participation is not allowed under any circumstances. In other words, each person can belong to only one team. If duplicate participation is found, the team's work will be excluded from evaluation.

Q4. I have already submitted my work. Can I edit it and resubmit it?

Yes, it is possible. If you've already submitted your work but want to make changes, you can email us again. However, among the revised works, only the last submitted work is subject to evaluation.

Q5. How do I confirm participation completion?

When submitting your work, click the 'Submit Work' button at the top of the contest to submit your work, and your participation will be processed normally. We do not provide separate guidance on completion of participation after submitting the work.

Q6. How are the winners selected?

VONAER and its partner companies will jointly evaluate the work, and all works submitted that meet the entry standards are subject to review. The work that receives the highest score through the judging process is selected as the winner, and the winner is notified through a separate contact and then announced as the final winner.

Q7. How do I use my winning entries?

It is used through the design department's editing process and can be used as a variety of VONAER content. In the case of an award-winning work, the design department may contact the winner directly to request editing.

Q8. Can I change the award benefits when receiving an award?

In addition to the prize money, winners also enjoy beneficial experiences that cannot be measured in money. Therefore, it is impossible to change the award details from high ranking to low ranking.

Q9. How many people can stay at Inspire Entertainment Resort Hotel?

The Inspire accommodation voucher provided as an award benefit is limited to two people. Additional inquiries regarding the Inspire Entertainment Resort Hotel package will be provided only to the winners.

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